UK Perfect Replica Omega conquers all with the Ultra Deep For Sale

The Low Down
Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean is probably the de facto location for watch companies to test their flagship saturation dive replica watches online and then hopefully lay claim to the record of “deepest diving watch”. Swiss fake Rolex have held that title for 59 years since 1960 with their Deep Sea Special which reached a depth of 10,916m. They sent another watch down in 2012 called the Sea-Dweller Deep Sea Challenge, a 51mm x 28.5mm monster, with a 14.33mm thick sapphire crystal, that managed to reach 10,898m. Then in 2019, out of nowhere, best 1:1 replica Omega smashed the deepest diving record with three prototypes of the AAA copy Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional with a recorded depth of 10,935m (recorded depth updated in 2020). Incidentally, one of the prototypes had to be left on the ocean floor due to a technical issue but it was retrieved two and a half days later, having lost only 1 second of time. This is a record that unequivocally cannot be broken. And now you can buy one.

There were hopes back in 2019 when best quality replica Omega accomplished the impossible that the Ultra Deep Professional would be put into regular production but as Omega CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann would say, the Speedmaster, probably the strongest pillar of top fake Omega’s total lineup, has been the focus for 2019 and 2020. This year the Seamaster takes center stage with seven made-for-public consumption versions of the record breaking Ultra Deep Professional. All officially depth rated for an astounding 6,000m (7,500m if you count the 25% safety margin used during testing).

Six of those models are rendered in a completely new, proprietary stainless steel alloy that Swiss movement fake Omega is calling O-MEGASTEEL. Yes, we know. It’s a bit on the nose. But the highlight of the bunch is in sandblasted Grade-5 titanium and the closest aesthetically to the 2019 prototypes. It just looks the business.

For that ultimate tool super clone watch feel, the titanium super clone watch’s dial is made of black ceramised Grade-5 titanium with a subtle [Ti] engraving below the dial’s center hole, that let’s the wearer know it is truly something special. The bezel is also made in sandblasted, polished and brushed titanium with brushed black ceramic and a Liquidmetal diving scale. Cyan-colored hour markers at the quarters and the colored gradient effect of the seconds hand provide just enough color contrast to make the dial pop off the flat greyness. But the design feature that probably defines this titanium rendition is the “manta lugs” that are meant to mimic fixed spring bars, and take reference from the frontal lobes of the manta ray. A black NATO strap with cyan stripe and sandblasted titanium buckle and strap keepers completes the look. The UK cheap fake Omega’s NATO straps are among some of the most comfortable out there and this particular strap is woven from 100% recycled fishing nets, which seems to be a trend nowadays as a source of sustainable material.

The six O-MEGASTEEL (still can’t get over the name) perfect replica watches come with either a sturdy three-link bracelet in the same material or a rubber strap that mimics the texture of a wetsuit. This new steel alloy has a brighter, whiter sheen to it than standard 316L stainless steel that brings out the luster of the polished sections of the case band and bracelet particularly well. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing properties, Omega replica for sale UK would also like to highlight that the yield strength of O-MEGASTEEL is more than twice that of 316L and 904L stainless steel, both of which would have been unsuitable for this application. Yield strength refers to the elasticity limit of metal before it begins to deform. Additionally, O-MEGASTEEL is 40-50% more scratch resistant than conventional stainless steels, with exceptional resistance to corrosion.

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