A Successful Breguet Exhibition in Taiwan

An exhibition of Breguet replica watches timepieces was recently held at the Prohopetime boutique in Taipei. Twenty-five gorgeous creations illuminated the Taiwanese showcases for ten days.

The arrival of these coveted Swiss replica watches to Taiwan has been celebrated during two private inauguration evenings attended by more than 80 journalists and 40 VVIPs. A focus during the events, which caused sensation among the guests, was the theme that Breguet watches were acquired by the most celebrated monarchs and aristocrats in history.

Launch of the Hublot Design Prize

2015 is a special year for Hublot, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic Big Bang. In just 10 years, the Big Bang has become THE iconic replica watches uk design in Haute Horlogerie – a symbol of creativity and innovation. Hublot has decided to celebrate this 10th anniversary by looking to the future and giving the talented designers of tomorrow an opportunity to gain recognition. The Hublot Design Prize was created to enable young designers to assert themselves through their creations and to gain public recognition; as such, the prize will be awarded to the designer who distinguishes themselves through their boldness and creativity – just like the Big Bang!

They must also win over the panel of judges, composed of world-renowned experts in the field of contemporary design: Pierre Keller, Lapo Elkann, Ronan Bouroullec, Marva Griffin Wilshire and Professor Dr. Peter Zec.

All these design competition judges were in Paris on 27 April for the launch of the Hublot replica watches Design Prize.

The aim of this competition is to award the Hublot Design Prize to a young, independent designer. After the design entries have been carefully examined, debated and discussed, the panel will choose their favourite designer in June. The prize will be awarded to the lucky winner during Tokyo Design Week in October.

Members of the Hublot Design Prize Panel of Judges:

Pierre Keller, Head Judge

Former Director of the Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL), he is also Chairman of the Board at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Geneva (CAC).

Marva Griffin Wilshire

Founder and Curator of the Salone Satellite, she is also the International Press Director of Milan’s Furniture Fair (Il Salone del Mobile Milano), the part of the fair dedicated to showcasing young designers under the age of 35.

Ronan Bouroullec

Born in Brittany, he is a rising fake watches star in European design and one of the most promising industrial designers in France.

Lapo Elkann

Born in New York, this Italian entrepreneur and design expert is the former marketing manager for Fiat Automobiles and the Fiat Group. He is currently the Chairman of LA Holding, Italia Independent and Independent Ideas.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec

Founder and President of the Red Dot Design Award. For 25 years, Peter Zec has worked as a Design Consultant, collaborating with many companies in different countries worldwide. He has authored several books on brands and design, and he is also the editor of the Red Dot Design Yearbook and the International Yearbook Communication Design.

Zenith commits itself to the Eric Abidal Foundation

Fighting for your passion, or against the vagaries of life. Following your star or quite simply your heart. A sporting challenge, personal project or lifetime dream – whatever the story, it tells us first and foremost about a personal journey made, about an experience which ultimately becomes an object lesson. This is the idea that the footballer Eric Abidal conveys through his Foundation. The story of his fight against disease, and of the challenge on which he has embarked. Zenith replica watches could not be unmoved.

The same values, the same state of mind

Created in Barcelona in 2013, the Eric Abidal Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, with a social and humanitarian mission. It is an expression of the values of effort, perseverance and team spirit dear to the footballer. Through this Foundation, he intends to share them and put them to work in 3 fields: health, sport, and protection of children and young people. The Foundation supports initiatives and projects harnessing sport as a replica watches for men means of integration or healing, working for the protection of young people and improving living conditions as a means of combating exclusion. Another message that Eric Abidal wants to get across is never giving up and seeing every day as a new start.

And Zenith knows all about tenacity!

Daring, aiming to surpass yourself and a spirit of enterprise – these are quintessential qualities to Zenith, its leitmotiv for the past 150 years! Since the creation of its Manufacture in 1865, through all its Haute Horlogerie innovations, or when it has supported individuals of all horizons in their wildest adventures and dreams. Zenith is up for every challenge. On land, the oceans, in the air or even in space. In technological advances, or to tackle sporting and personal challenges. No matter what the field, as long as there is daring involved, Zenith is right at home!

Zenith for the Eric Abidal Foundation, a commitment formalised on 22 April in Barcelona

The partnership was announced on 22 April at the In Gracia centre in the heart of Barcelona, in the cheap replica watches presence of the footballer and his wife Hayet Abidal, Director of the Foundation.

A $1,000 Casio G-Shock? Yes, the Casio G-Shock MT-G

Casio‘s celebration of the iconic Casio G-Shock watch’s 30th anniversary culminated in the U.S. launch of the Casio G-Shock MT-G, a collection of metal/resin G-Shock watches starting at the unusual G-Shock price $900. Although the launch was in 2013 the cheap replica watches continues to be one of the most discussed Casio G-Shock watches even today. 

The collection introduced at the anniversary event includes the Casio G-Shock Rangeman, an addition to the “Master of G” collection, a military-inspired watch for first-response professionals; the GDX6900, a larger version of the existing 6900 model; and the MT-G, the G-Shock model that Casio says is meant to reposition the brand for the premium collector market. Most notable among the “collaboration” pieces was the G-Shock Eminem limited edition, made in cooperation with the hip-hop star.

The Casio G-Shock MT-G, where the “MT” stands for “Metal Twisted”, has a case constructed of a stainless steel covering melded to the G-Shock brand’s advanced “Core Guard Structure” of stainless steel, resin and a substance called “Alpha Gel.” The movement, which features a chronograph function, is Casio’s LED-infused “Tough Movement” with a Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping feature that receives radio-controlled time and date updates from global transmitting stations. The replica watches sale, whose case and movement components are all made in-house at Casio’s advanced factory in Yamagata, Japan, also features a quick-lock “Smart Access” electronic crown, which allows the wearer to access all the functions by unlocking the crown and turning it in the desired direction. The Casio G-Shock MT-G’s composite bracelet has stainless steel links layered on the underside with soft-touch, low-thermal-conductivity resin panels for optimal comfort on the skin. The Casio G-Shock MT-G comes in polished stainless steel and resin (Ref. MTGS1000D-1A), for $900; in black-ion-plated steel and resin (MTGS1000BD-1A) for $1,000; and a limited-edition 30th anniversary model in black ion-plated steel with gold highlights and and a red-paneled bracelet (MTGS1030BD-1A), for $1,100.

The addition to the Casio G-Shock “Master of G” collection — which includes the Frogman, Mudman and Riseman models — is the GW9400 Rangeman, a “tactical” timepiece designed with military uses in mind. Like other Casio G-Shock models in the collection, the Rangeman is built to be exceptionally shock-resistant and mud-resistant, employs the Tough Solar Power system to charge the watch and the Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping system to receive radio signals for the time and date, and is equipped with numerous functions, including a chronograph, 48-city world time indicator, and a digital compass. The Rangeman also includes sunrise/sunset data, a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure , a thermometer to measure temperature, and an altimeter to measure altitude to within one-meter increments at one-second intervals. All the functions are controlled by a one-touch sensor button with a textured surface. The watch has a 200-meter-water-resistant urethane case with a steel caseback. The Casio G-Shock Master of G watch, available in either black or military green, retails for $300.

The Casio G-Shock GDX6900 has a case nearly 10 percent larger than its base model, the 6900. For Casio’s engineers, who pride themselves on the G-Shock’s legendary shock-resistance, accomplishing this was a challenge: increasing the size meant increasing the weight and along with that, the amount of shock it incurs when dropped. Their solution was to add “Alpha-Gel” to the case to absorb impacts and better protect the Swiss replica watch’s internal workings. The result was a bigger 6900 that passed a military-standard test for shock-resistance and also retained its water-resistance of 200 meters. The Casio G-Shock GDX6900 incorporates numerous functions, including a 48-city world timer, multi-home time for up to four cities, five alarms, chronograph, countdown timer, and 12/24-hour time configurations. The Casio G-Shock watch has a 10-year battery life and a “Super Illuminator” LED light. Four color versions will are available for $130.

The Casio G-Shock Eminem edition (which is officially designated GDX6900MNM-1) is based on the Casio G-Shock GDX6900, here with a matte black case and black-reverse LCD dial, and features an array of Eminem iconography. A stylized silhouette of the city of Detroit — where Marshall Mathers, the future Eminem, famously grew up — is printed in red on the upper side of the black strap. The reverse “E” from the Eminem logo appears on the dial and in the strap loop. The caseback and the lower part of the strap also feature an autograph of “Shady,” the singer’s alter ego. The limited edition G-Shock for Eminem retails at $180.