Zenith commits itself to the Eric Abidal Foundation

Fighting for your passion, or against the vagaries of life. Following your star or quite simply your heart. A sporting challenge, personal project or lifetime dream – whatever the story, it tells us first and foremost about a personal journey made, about an experience which ultimately becomes an object lesson. This is the idea that the footballer Eric Abidal conveys through his Foundation. The story of his fight against disease, and of the challenge on which he has embarked. Zenith replica watches could not be unmoved.

The same values, the same state of mind

Created in Barcelona in 2013, the Eric Abidal Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, with a social and humanitarian mission. It is an expression of the values of effort, perseverance and team spirit dear to the footballer. Through this Foundation, he intends to share them and put them to work in 3 fields: health, sport, and protection of children and young people. The Foundation supports initiatives and projects harnessing sport as a replica watches for men means of integration or healing, working for the protection of young people and improving living conditions as a means of combating exclusion. Another message that Eric Abidal wants to get across is never giving up and seeing every day as a new start.

And Zenith knows all about tenacity!

Daring, aiming to surpass yourself and a spirit of enterprise – these are quintessential qualities to Zenith, its leitmotiv for the past 150 years! Since the creation of its Manufacture in 1865, through all its Haute Horlogerie innovations, or when it has supported individuals of all horizons in their wildest adventures and dreams. Zenith is up for every challenge. On land, the oceans, in the air or even in space. In technological advances, or to tackle sporting and personal challenges. No matter what the field, as long as there is daring involved, Zenith is right at home!

Zenith for the Eric Abidal Foundation, a commitment formalised on 22 April in Barcelona

The partnership was announced on 22 April at the In Gracia centre in the heart of Barcelona, in the cheap replica watches presence of the footballer and his wife Hayet Abidal, Director of the Foundation.