Watch Insider Asks: Which of These 5 Watches Would You Take to a Desert Island?

Winter is here, and the chilly temperatures have put me — and, I’d guess, many of you — in mind of a desert island. Let’s say one were to be stranded on such an island and only luxury replica watches for men could come along. Which one to take? I know — not an easy decision for a watch lover. But how about if I narrow it down?

In this article from my blog,, I offer the five luxury watches, in alphabetical order, that you would have to choose from as your “desert island” watch. I’m curious to find out what everyone would choose, and why. Let me know in the comments section below.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: The “Fifty” is the archetype of what we today would call a “real” divers’replica watches for sale. This iconic Blancpain is powered by an in-house movement and the design is a beauty.

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver: A 100% masculine sports Swiss replica watches uk from Cartier. This ISO 6425-certified divers’ watch is perfect to accompany you through thick and thin. It’s also very good-looking and powered by an in-house caliber.

Omega Seamaster 300: This recent re-edition of a legendary replica Omega watches sale reflects the brand’s modern know-how, with superb in-house technology and bordering on what I’d call perfect design. This Omega Seamaster is essentially ageless.

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio: This titanium-cased Panerai Luminor is powered by an in-house caliber and built to survive rough conditions both underwater and on land. And it is simply a cool replica watches.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000: The recently released “version 3.0″ of the dive Rolex,Omega,Cartier watches for sale legend is fully packed with all the most mature Rolex technology. The Sea-Dweller would make a perfect companion under the waves and also look really good on your wrist.

The Apple Watch: What Does It Mean For the Swiss Watch Industry?

Apple announced its new and highly anticipated new smartwatch — apparently to be called simply “Apple Watch” rather than the rumored “iWatch” or “iTime” — at its press conference in Cupertino, California last fall. So what does the new Apple smartwatch mean for the luxury replica watches uk industry in Switzerland?

The Apple Watch — Apple’s first entirely new product line since the iPad and the first since the death of Apple’s visionary founder Steve Jobs — is already widely expected to become the market leader among smartwatches (Click here for info on some of its predecessors/competitors) based solely on Apple’s history. It runs apps, including a fitness tracker, and unlike previous smartwatches, includes a very analog-watch-like device — a “digital crown” on the side that can control the Swiss replica watch’s functions. We cover the details and functions of the Apple Watch here.

The biggest question, both for the aficionados who collect luxury watches and the people who design, build and sell them, is obvious: Does the rise of the smartwatch, and the game-changing Apple Watch in particular, lead to the sequel that no one wanted, namely “Quartz Crisis II?” The Swiss mechanical watch faced off with a similar high-tech competitor in the 1970s and 1980s, when best replica watches uk equipped with the then-new, Japanese-made quartz movements threatened to render traditional mechanical watchmaking obsolete. The industry managed to recover from those harsh years when the luxury mechanical watch (most still made in Switzerland, but also thriving in Germany and even, to an extent, in Japan) began to be rediscovered as a luxury item and status symbol in the booming 1990s. But any watch-industry veteran who experienced that era will tell you that there was a lot of pain in those intervening years. Will the watch-buying public once again turn away from the traditional and embrace the new high-tech flavor of the month?

It’s always hazardous to try to predict the future, especially in a business as unpredictable as watches. But I tend to agree with Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, who, from his experience with early versions of smartwatches made by the Swatch brand, anticipates problems with constant software upgrades and needing to replace the high quality Cartier replica watches for men often. (Click here to hear the man himself speak on the subject.) I also echo the thoughts of our Watch Insider, Alexander Linz, who opines in a recent blog post: “We are talking about two totally different segments, and also a different buyer. It could be that someone who is used to wearing a mechanical watch will now also wear a digital smartwatch, but it will never replace the mechanical timepiece on his wrist. On the contrary, I believe that Apple and all the other producers of smart watches will probably stimulate people who have ever before worn a watch to buy one now, and I could imagine that these people might later start buying other watches, with some of them eventually buying a mechanical watch.”

In short, I believe that high-end mechanical watches have cemented their status as coveted luxury items for a worldwide audience, one that is still growing. No one “needs” an expensive watch, but no one “needs” a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Jackson Pollock original or a bottle of Chateau Lafitte Rothschild 1945 either. An iPhone is expensive, but no one can convincingly argue that it can be considered a luxury item for most people at this point. If smartwatches were ever to totally supplant traditional mechanical top replica Breitling watches, I believe it would be a sign of something much more momentous: a large-scale abandonment of the luxurious and the artisanal in favor of the mass-market and the utilitarian. And somehow that is difficult to imagine.

Escapement Watch Review: Baume & Mercier Capeland 10107

Angus Davies, on his Escapement watch blog, provides an in-depth “hands-on” review of the Baume & Mercier Capeland 10107, a cheap Swiss replica watches featuring a worldtimer function, presented in a luxurious 18-carat red gold case.

I love my job.

I was 43 years of age when I chose to embark on a new career writing about wristwatches. It is a decision I have never regretted. Haute horlogerie has been an obsession all my life and to make a living from writing about incredible timepieces feels like a huge privilege. On the face of it, my occupation appears perfect.

However, seldom in life is anything free of fault or negative ramification. Indeed, there are two occupational hazards which sometimes mar my otherwise utopian profession.

Firstly, there is the on-going battle not to purchase every horological beauty that turns my head. I often describe my profound obsession for watch collecting as an addiction. I am always contemplating my next horological “fix”. Everyday, I find myself within the grasp of temptation’s persuasive powers, battling not to squander my wages on yet another “must-have” timepiece.

Secondly, I often receive press-loan watches to ascertain their advantages and disadvantages. Receiving a best replica watches sale, even if for only a few days of temporary ownership, never ceases to excite me. At the end of said temporary ownership, the sad moment comes to part company with my new found love. The Baume & Mercier Capeland 10107 is a case in point.

Ordinarily, a press loan is provided for a few days. It is the best way of appraising the potential ownership proposition. The Capeland 10107, a relatively new member of the Baume & Mercier collection, has been in my care for a few weeks, but now I have to face the prospect of handing it back. I can’t pretend I don’t feel a pang of sadness with the thought of saying goodbye.

The dial

The gilt Breguet style hands impart the hour and minutes with a traditional air of grace.

A central sweep seconds hand, slim in profile, with a counterweight near its fulcrum, stretches across the dial, perfectly interfacing with the chapter ring.

The central area of the dial is delivered in an ashen shade. The worldtime disc combines brown text on a white background to denote the daylight hours, whereas the two shades are reversed to indicate the nocturnal hours. I found the subtle variation in shade between the juxtaposed white and ashen hues particularly attractive.

At 3 o’clock, an aperture reveals the date, presented in black text on a white background. The continuous manipulation with tinctures delivers a comely allure.

The dial features 24 time zones proving ideal for establishing the prevailing time in different locations. I have found this complication very useful of late, as I often phone the US to speak to business acquaintances, as well as liaising with numerous watch brands in Switzerland. The worldtime function is intuitive to use and stands testament to the genius of Louis Cottier, the best Swiss replica watchmaker who invented the worldtimer in 1931.

The case

While the Capeland has a slightly retro feel, courtesy of its chevé sapphire glass, it also appeals to modern tastes owing to its substantial 44 mm case diameter.

The Baume & Mercier design team, based in Geneva, has cleverly manipulated the deep curving profile of the glass and the polished bezel with its angled surface. In so doing, they have inculcated the watch with a vintage mien that is especially appealing. Yet, despite the nostalgia quotient being high, the watch remains very applicable to the modern era, especially for those with jet set lifestyles.

The caseband is brushed and its width remains uniform, except just near the tips of the horns where it gracefully arcs downwards. Indeed, it is the curved profile of the lugs which affords an incredibly comfortable fit.

Initially the strap affixed to my loan model was factory fresh with a stiffness to its form. However, after a few weeks of wear, it has bedded in, cosseting my wrist wonderfully.

An exhibition caseback reveals the self-winding movement within. I would suggest that the movement appears a tad undersized within the case and would look better if it were a few lignes wider. Nevertheless, it is only a small criticism and my comments are based on aesthetic preferences rather than any perceived functional deficiency.

The movement

The Capeland 10107 features a self-winding movement. It has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), 25 jewels and a power reserve of 42 hours.

Most notably, Baume & Mercier has not overlooked finishing. The movement is decorated with perlage and the open-worked oscillating mass features the brand’s PHI symbol and Côtes de Genève motif.

Closing remarks

I remember first handling the Capeland 10107 last year whilst spending time with Alexandre Peraldi and Sara Josephine Sandemeier at the design studios in Geneva. At the time, I was not only impressed by the model, but also the exacting procurement process that Baume & Mercier employs. On several occasions I have waxed-lyrical about Baume & Mercier models and the Capeland 10107 proves to be no exception.

The brand does not pretend to be a Manufacture. The company sources high quality components, bringing them together to create stylish, impressive Swiss fake watches for uk sale at comparatively affordable prices. Alas, one component that Baume & Mercier cannot procure more cheaply than its competition is gold and this is reflected in the price of the Capeland 10107, £13,500 (as at 11.3.2014).

The price is not excessive, especially considering the significant volume of gold used in the construction of this model, but it is more than many Baume & Mercier customers may be accustomed to spending. However, Baume & Mercier has produced a steel variant of the model, the Capeland 10106.

It shares many of the attributes of the gold version, but is priced at a very accessible £5,350, which is good value for a worldtimer watch of this quality.

Piaget Emperador Coussin 1270S

For the 25th edition of the SIHH, Piaget once again makes a strong impression in the highly exclusive field of ultra-thin complication movements. Confirming its superlative mastery of this demanding discipline, the Manufacture presents the Emperador Coussin 1270S, the world’s thinnest ultra-thin tourbillon automatic skeleton cheap replica watches uk featuring a case measuring just 8.85 mm thick. This entirely skeleton-worked model highlighting a remarkable inverted architecture finds its natural place in the Black Tie line with its resolutely contemporary aesthetic. The cushion-shaped ultra-thin (5.05 mm) tourbillon automatic skeleton Calibre 1270S was designed and developed specifically for the equally cushion-shaped case housing it. Setting the perfect finishing touch, the movement adorned with remarkable Haute Horlogerie finishes reveals its exceptional construction on the display side, free of any dial that might disturb this fascinating vision.

A hint to collectors seeking exclusivity: the Black Tie collection welcomes the Piaget Emperador coussin 1270S model setting a new slimness record for a tourbillon automatic skeleton model, at just 8.85 thick. This model comes in two versions that are rare by their very nature: a modern and sophisticated white gold version; and a more classic pink gold interpretation with a movement entirely made of gold. Dedicated to shaped cases radiating a distinctive, masculine elegance and housing the main complications from the Maison, this line with its instantly recognisable design highlights a remarkable level of finishing applied both to the movements and the exterior. This collection embodies Piaget’s two-fold expertise, expressed through the construction of best Breitling Replica watches uk movements ranging from the simplest to the most complicated, along with perfectly mastered production of original cases. Year after year, this collection welcomes most of the new horological complications designed and developed by the Manufacture. The new entirely skeleton-worked Emperador Coussin 1270S is a light, airy descendant of the iconic 1270P calibre, Piaget’s first ultra-thin tourbillon automatic movement.

Infinite mastery of ultra-thin skeleton work

With 27 ultra-thin movements rewarded by 15 slimness records, Piaget has been testifying since 1957 to undeniable mastery in handling the major challenges related to the development of such ultra-thin calibres. In half a century of innovations, the Manufacture has established itself as a specialist of ultra-thin movements that are the authentic signatures of the Piaget know-how. When reduced to its bare essentials, even the simplest movement represents a complication in its own right and calls for an extremely delicate miniaturisation process requiring expertise, patience and dexterity. Regularly enriched with new simple or complicated movements, the range of ultra-thin Piaget calibres also comprises six skeleton movements. The latter represent an art that the Manufacture has been perpetuating since the 1970s, when it presented the first skeleton version of its ultra-thin 9P calibre. Skeleton-working an ultra-thin calibre is an exercise that demands the savoir-faire of the most experienced master engravers in order to openwork the movement as much as possible without compromising its rigidity, its resistance or its reliability. The Emperador Coussin 1270S is the end result ofadding the complexity of the infinitely small to the constraints implied by a horological complication and its numerous components, further compounded by the automatic winding mechanism -bearing in mind that most skeleton movements on the market are hand-wound. It took no less than three years to develop this exceptional calibre, to accommodate 225 parts within a barely 5.05-millimetre area and to skeleton-work it while ensuring impeccable operation.

The complexity and originality of an inverted structure

Precise calculations and painstaking development work made it possible to exalt the totally unique and identifiable aesthetic of the shaped 1270S calibre, one of the world’s thinnest tourbillon automatic skeleton movements at just 5.05 mm thick. In addition to the majestic tourbillon, the inverted structure of this movement provides a view of the platinum oscillating weight and bridges. The off-centred micro-rotor and the tourbillon topped by the P for Piaget entwine to form a figure 8 – the ultimate lucky number – that is delicately polished to strike a pleasing contrast with the satin-brushed bridges. Transparently revealed on the display side, this construction unique in the world provides a clear view of the main functional elements of this fake Swiss Breiitling watches – its automatic winding system, its ‘motor’, its regulator and its gear train – as well as the equally off-centred hour and minute hands. Housed inside the world’s thinnest tourbillon automatic skeleton case measuring just 8.85 mm thick, Calibre 1270S also benefits from meticulous Haute Horlogerie finishes that are visible through the sapphire crystals fitted on both sides.

The supreme art of Haute Horlogerie decorations

This mastery of extreme miniaturisation is enhanced by remarkable movement decoration and finishing, combining traditional craftsmanship with a design distinguished by its contemporary stylistic purity. The new Emperador Coussin is available in two different versions. With its intense black touches applied to the hands, the micro-rotor, the screws and the tourbillon carriage, the white gold variation exudes a resolutely modern appeal; while the pink gold version is endowed with more classic and traditional assets including an extremely exclusive all-gold movement. This model graced with the ultimate degree of finishing epitomises the scope of Piaget’s cherished motto: “Always do better than necessary”. Testifying to the authentically unique character of the movements developed by the Manufacture Piaget, these Haute Horlogerie finishes involve such complex techniques as hand-bevelling with a file and mirror polishing. Entirely executed by hand, typically on the interior and external angles that can indeed only be manually crafted, these decorations magnify the beauty of the noble metal composing skeleton Calibre 1270S. They highlight the satin-brushed, hand-bevelled and polished mainplate and bridges;thesatin-brushed, bevelled and polished guillochépink gold-toned oscillating weight;the circular satin-brushed, satin-brushed and hand-bevelled wheels; the pink gold screws; the blind-hole and mirror-polished screw feet; the satin-brushed hand-bevelled barrel, as well as the hand-bevelled and hand-drawn bridges of the tourbillon carriage.

This precious compendium ofhorological artistry and stylistic purity is housed inside a cushion-shaped case in 18-carat pink or white gold measuring 46.5 mm in diameter and fitted with a brown or black alligator strap secured by a gold folding clasp.