UK Luxury IWC Super Clone Doppelchronograph Ref. 3713 – a complicated yet solid choice

The luxury super clone IWC Ref. 3713 from the early 2000s I got to wear and play with at Fratello HQ is like a dream come true. Sure, the cheap super clone IWC Pilots Ref. 3711 with its dome sapphire crystal is even more lust-worthy, but still, the Ref. 3713 does not disappoint. What is also good to know is that the Valjoux 7750-based double chronograph construction is a solid and durable one. Playing with the split-second mechanism, that allows recording two intervals at a time, is without risk of damage to the movement. And that is something that’s good to know when you look at preowned pieces for sale.

The original Ref. 3711 and its successor, the best quality super clone IWC Ref. 3713, are very approachable in terms of price. You can expect to pay around €6.000 euro for one in excellent condition. You get a lot of uk perfect super clone watches for the money. It’s the first-ever double chronograph that used cams for both the split-second and for the chronograph. And although it’s a very complicated copy watch, Habring’s design of the movement made it a proper tool watch and a proper 1:1 super clone IWC for that matter.
For the latest generation of cheap replica IWC pilot’s watches, have a look at the official website. The only “Doppelchronograph” currently available is the €13,500 Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph TOP GUN Ceratanium. This 44mm black ceramic Swiss IWC super clone uses the Cal. 79420, an updated Cal. 79230 that is still based on Habring’s original invention. His brilliance has stood the test of time, and so has the original Doppelchronograph. As I said before, and I will say it again: copy IWC Doppelchronograph Ref. 3713 – a watch that’s double the fun for those who dare.

I said that back in the 90s, IWC super clone for men was a boring brand. And when I said that I meant introvert, modest, functional, and value-oriented. When Georges Kern became IWC’s CEO in 2002 he must have felt the same because he started a remarkable, and at that time very un-high quality fake IWC marketing strategy. Remember the advertisements showing a close-up of a watch and the message “Engineered for MEN”. Kern showed his machismo with lines like “Almost as complicated as a woman. Except it’s on time”, and “Often seen on stewardesses’ bedside tables”. It caused quite a stir, but it also piloted IWC to greater heights. It made luxury super clone IWC cooler than it ever was. Cooler than it is supposed to be?

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