Let’s Get Lost In The Legacy Of The IWC Porsche Design Compass Watch

The first and most classic reference of the perfect replica IWC Porsche Design Compass, 3510, was released in 1978, in both black and “NATO olive” green. The black IWC reference 3510 fake for sale is the most common by far but it’s unclear the ratio or the total number of production.

The luxury fake IWC measured 39mm wide and 12mm high with a case and compass that were watertight to 30 meters. The glass protecting the dial is hardness 9 sapphire crystal with a glare-free coating. The compass, when removed from the super clone watch, has the same sapphire crystal on both sides so you can use it independently and lay it on a map without obscuring your view.

From my research, the Swiss made replica IWC came in at least two dial variants and only two bracelets over its production life.

Each dial has text on three lines at 12:00. In the first generation, “AAA replica IWC” was sans-serif, “International Watch Co.” in cursive script, and “Schaffhausen” in capitalized serifed italics. The second generation has the same text but “IWC” at the top is in a serif font while “Schaffhausen” now matches the line above it in elegant cursive. On both, “Porsche Design” is in capitalized sans-serif at 6:00 with the company’s logo below.

The most obvious change over the cheap super clone watches‘ production was the bracelet. Original bracelets were aluminum with a unique zig-zag steel buckle and button to release the clasp to allow the bracelet and watch to be laid over a map to calculate a distance with the 5mm links. Ingenious. Maybe too ingenious.

According to collectors and accounts from Porsche Design and high quality replica IWC, that innovative bracelet design was fragile and could even release unexpectedly. Whether it was due to users wearing out the button by fidgeting with it or the softness of the aluminum case, the bracelet was a proven point of failure. They can also be somewhat uncomfortable.

The solution was to redesign the bracelets in innovative Delrin plastic with titanium clasps. These top copy IWC’s bracelets don’t have a release button at the side and their deployant design is more standard.

The emergency signaling mirror is there, which over the last week I was reminded by folks around the office also works well as a mirror to check your hair or makeup before a meeting (or coming back to civilization after being lost in the wilderness).

Over time the red second hand, a callback to Porsche Design’s Chronograph 1, often faded to an orange hue. The olive green dials, according to Schwamkrug, were never perfectly color-matched. Instead, they had a slightly green-brown cast which over time and almost without fail, fade to a nearly perfect and quintessential “tropical” dial. One of these replica watches for sale UK appears occasionally in photos from our friend John Goldberger’s collection.

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