UK Swiss Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 116710LN (Steel with Cerachrom Bezel): 2007-19

In 2005, Swiss made fake Rolex celebrated the 50th anniversary or the GMT-Master by redesigning the GMT-Master II, beefing up the case considerably and introducing a ceramic bezel insert that, at first, was produced in a single color: black. The initial anniversary model was made in gold, but perfect replica Rolex UK followed up in 2007 with the steel version we have here. It used the new cal. 3186 with Parachrom hairspring, which provided greater resistance to shocks and temperature variations.

AAA super clone Rolex also made a two-tone steel and gold variation on the black Cerachrom-bezeled Rolex GMT-Master II replica online, the reference 116713. Into the production of the 116710LN, the switch was made over to the blue-glowing Chromalight lume, so early examples have Super-LumiNova, while later ones have Chromalight.

It’s important to note that luxury fake Rolex chose to debut the Cerachrom bezel on the 1:1 copy Rolex GMT-Master II, not the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller, or the Daytona, which all have monochromatic bezels.

While these replica watches for sale uk had indeed already had monochrome bezels from the beginning with the gold 6542, it was the two-tone Pepsi, Coke, and Root Beer variations that came to define the GMT-Master in the minds of watch collectors. With the arrival of the Cerachrom lunette noire in 2007, Swiss movement replica Rolex discontinued its Coke and Pepsi variations with aluminum inserts, and the black, Cerachrom-bezeled high quality fake Rolex GMT-Master II was the only steel GMT game in town.

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