Shawn Mendes Matched His Luxury Swiss Replica Patek Philippe Watches UK To His Trunks

If you’re award-winning, Canadian-born, heartthrob musician Shawn Mendes, however, you can do better. To wit, just this week the “Señorita” singer was spotted in Ibiza wearing a pair of OD-green swim trunks that my platoon sergeant would’ve given a begrudging two thumbs up—and best UK replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut reference 5168G watches in white gold on a matching khaki green rubber strap.

Look, it helps that the 24-year-old singer songwriter is both fit and tan as hell. (Shakes fist in air and mumbles something inaudible in his own defense about metabolism slowing once one hits 30.) But I gotta give it to the guy—matching your high quality fake watches strap to your swim trunks is a boss move. One has to wonder whether the proverbial chicken or egg came first: That strap is factory spec for the 5186G, so presumably Mendes (or his stylist) snagged the trunks to match. But maybe the trunks simply came up in the rotation and the Patek was pulled outta the ole’ cheap 1:1 replica watches roll to add some swagger?

Either way, we approve. The thing about the Aquanaut is that though “aqua” is in the name, one doesn’t frequently encounter a $50,000 white gold luxury sports copy watches for sale in the ocean. More often than not, even a steel variant is relegated to appearances at galas or strapped to the wrist of a Beatle while singing Carpool Karaoke. But the thing was designed to get wet, which is why it has 120m of water resistance and a rubber strap. This particular reference, the Patek Philippe 5186G “Jumbo” replica watches with Swiss movements measuring 42.2mm—which, if you’re a ripped 6’1,” looks freakin’ great on-wrist—debuted at the Baselworld trade show in 2019.

Of course, one needn’t drop $50K on luxury sports fake watches shop with Gérald Genta lineage in order to cop Mendes’s sartorial finesse. Got (more affordable) top super clone watches you like? After-market rubber (and leather, and NATO, and steel) straps and bracelets are a dime a dozen these days. If you’re taking a dip in the ocean, try one of these TROPIC models on for size—they come in so many colors that you can almost certainly find one to match your swim trunks. It’ll take a bit more work to earn five BMI awards for songwriting and washboard abs, however.

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