The Powerful Yet Surprisingly Lightweight Best AAA IWC Big Pilot AMG G 63 Ceramic Matrix Replica Watches UK

Last year, IWC unveiled a pair of top replica IWC Big Pilot watches inspired by the iconic Mercedes G-Class, particularly the powerful AMG G 63 version, a completely excessive and irrational €200k machine boasting 585 horsepower and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, all of that in a 2-meter high body that was once designed as a military off-roader. Similarly, the IWC Big Pilot was initially crafted to meet the demands of the military, dating back to 1940 when a thousand oversized, 55mm diameter B-Uhr timepieces housing re-engineered pocket watch movements were manufactured for military navigators. Somehow, it becomes clear that this IWC BP Watch x AMG could be a natural match… 

The civilian version, known as the Grosse Fliegeruhr or Big Pilot’s fake watches for men, was only introduced by IWC in 2002. The inaugural reference 5002 came in a 46.2mm case, with an oversized diamond-shaped crown, and a dial design reminiscent of the original, with the addition of a 7-day power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock and a date window at 6. Powered by the new (at the time) calibre 5011 automatic running at 18,000 vibrations/hour, the 5002, with its substantial 56mm lug-to-lug size, was as imposing and irrational cool as the G-Class, adorning the wrists of individuals matching its bold dimensions. Yet it quickly became a sensation, followed by a slightly redesigned version in 2006, now driven by the faster 21,600 vibrations/hour calibre 51100, subsequently replaced by calibre 51111 in 2007.

Special and limited editions of IWC Big Pilot’s replica watches for sale became a hallmark, expanding the model range to incorporate complications. IWC produced over 100 different Grosse Fliegeruhr models in various materials between 2002 and now, solidifying the Big Pilot’s place in the company’s catalogue – and horological history. A model of particular importance in today’s context is the reference IW506101, a.k.a the Big Pilot Black Carbon (first developed as a limited edition exclusively for Hong Kong, but things changed with the 2019-2020 protests). Surprisingly, this was the first and only Big Pilot to feature a carbon fibre composite case. Until now…

The collaborative journey between IWC and Mercedes-AMG dates back to 2004, marked by an enduring and beloved series of high quality copy watches within the Ingenieur line. This collaboration extended to the Pilot collections, resulting in the creation of exquisite timepieces such as the Big Pilot’s Watch Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition AMG ONE Owners, unveiled in 2022, exclusively reserved for owners of the ultra-high-performance hybrid Mercedes-AMG ONE.

While the 2023 IWC Big Pilot AMG G 63 edition replica watches wholesale in 18-carat Armor Gold and ceramic matrix composite (CMC) were born from this collaboration, they are accessible to all enthusiasts. However, it’s challenging to envision anyone acquiring these timepieces without already being an owner of the formidable G-Class; such are my impressions after spending time with the “less conspicuous” Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 CMC edition (Ref. IW50620); please see if you share similar sentiments.

The cheap fake IWC Big Pilot’s Watches AMG G 63 is not a small piece, and we don’t need the “Big” in its name to remind us of its 46.5mm wide and 14.4mm thick dimensions, not to forget the historically huge crown that is sure to leave a dent in your wrist with continuous wear (wearing a BP is like a pair of stilettos for women, it comes at a price, deal with it…!) The matte black case, exhibiting a unique structure, is crafted from an entirely new material for the brand and makes the 1:1 China super clone watches surprisingly lightweight and, thus, seemingly easier to manage. The case material, ceramic matrix composite (CMC), was created in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center and took over ten years of research. The process of manufacturing CMC is highly complex and time-consuming. Yet, the result is rewarding and calls for a somewhat detailed description, explained at the time of introduction by Lorenz Brunner, Department Manager for Research and Innovation at IWC.

Creating CMC begins by cutting carbon fibres, saturating them with resin, and then compressing the mixture into a mould resembling the oversized shape of the case before baking. The resulting carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer preform undergoes pyrolysis. In this process, it is heated in an oven above the decomposition temperature of the polymer matrix for approximately seven days, causing the polymer to convert into carbon. Subsequently, the dense weave of fibres embedded in a porous carbon matrix undergoes siliconisation. Silicon crystals are applied to the component, which, at this stage, consists solely of carbon fibres and the carbon matrix. The mixture is then heated in an oven above the melting point of silicon, allowing the silicon to permeate the cavities.

During this phase, silicon chemically reacts with the carbon matrix and a portion of the fibres, forming a matrix made of silicon carbide ceramic in the cavities between the fibres. Following siliconisation, the case remains slightly oversized and retains a metallic surface that requires removal using diamond tools.

The finalized cases boast a matte black finish, with a unique structure determined by the fibres, varying in each piece. These cases are lightweight, exceptionally durable, scratch-resistant, and more damage-resistant than conventional ceramics.

The Swiss made replica IWC Big Pilot’s Watches AMG G 63 CMC lightweight case also has increased temperature resistance; according to the brand, it’s the first time the material is used to make a watch case. This certainly adds value to the timepiece, also featuring a Ceratanium crown and caseback ring. Additionally, the convex sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating on both sides, is ingeniously secured to prevent displacement during changes in air pressure.

While these features contribute to the watch’s quality, the real standout is the dial, which we know can make or break the timepiece. The textured black dial of the BP AMG G 63, designed to evoke the intake vents of Mercedes-AMG cars, captivates with its beastly beauty. The layout, featuring the signature power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock, is mirrored by a running seconds subdial at 9 o’clock – a configuration I only remember seeing on a handful of BP 2024 fake watches. The rationale behind these dual displays is evident, with the white-ringed subdials mimicking the iconic headlights of the G-Class.

As expected, legibility is superb, with a contrasting white minutes track and large, applied rather than printed PVD-coated black hour indices filled with luminous material gracing the dial. The date window occupies its place at 6 o’clock, the B-Uhr triangle is positioned at 12 o’clock, and the black hands with lume retain a familiar and uniform shape consistent with the series.

Turn the Swiss movements replica watches over, and your eyes are immediately drawn to the decoration on the tinted sapphire caseback – an image inspired by the spare tyre cover found on the rear of G-Class vehicles. It features the Mercedes logo, a black stripe extending from the centre to the edge, accompanied by Stronger Than Time and Edition G-Class reminder.

The sapphire is only slightly tinted, allowing a glimpse of the in-house Calibre 52010 with its cut-out rotor adorned with a gold Probus Scafusia medallion. Equipped with two barrels and the self-winding Pellaton winding mechanism, Calibre 52010 ensures an impressive 7-day power reserve. This version of 52010, housing a small seconds mechanism, boasts a slimmer profile compared to the central seconds 52010 found in the regular perfect replica IWC Pilot’s Watches reference IW501001, which stands at a thickness of 15.6 mm. This distinction is the reason behind the Big Pilot AMG G 63 (slightly) sleeker profile.

For enhanced comfort, the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 reference IW506201 has a black rubber 22mm strap featuring microfiber inlays, fastened securely on the wrist with a deployant clasp. The price is EUR 49,700 or CHF 44,000… You might consider adding a bit more and acquiring a brand-new Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC – albeit a humorous suggestion. Jokes aside, the best quality fake watches subtly incorporates Mercedes-AMG branding, visible only on the caseback. Its distinctive dial configuration, coupled with the innovative case material, renders it an intriguing timepiece. AMG G 63 owner or not, I am positive one has to adhere to a particular lifestyle to wear one or keep it wear-free in the collection; the latter would be a crime.

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